Custom Imprinted Button Badges
About Button Badges

Applications: Button badges have been a favorite means of conveying an idea for a long, long time. They have been used for campaigns at the national political level as well as the election of officers for high school student body leaders. Buttons have been used to promote future events as well as commemorate past events. Button badges are also used to promote products and places of business. Colorful images are used and can be combined with words for a high impact message.

Key Benefits: Buttons are low cost, quickly manufactured, and easily distributed. Artwork can be transmitted by email.

Materials & Methods: Buttons are made of two metal pieces pressed together along with the artwork and a plastic, glossy cover. Very durable. Resists rust

Options: Two sizes are available. 2 1/4" diameter and 2 7/8" diameter

Costs: Buttons are an inexpensive means of promoting ideas.

How to order: Click on the link below, select how many buttons you wish to order and attach the appropriate contact information. I will get in touch and we can arrange for transmission of the artwork.