Custom Engraved Nameplates and Directories
About Desk and Door Nameplate Holders

Applications: All of the items in this section are intended to be used as office signs of various types. There are those for the desktop, doors, and hallways in and around offices.

Key Benefits: These signs identify people and places around the office. They help corporate visitors, customers, and others find their way from person to person or place to place.

Materials & Methods: Desktop holders are constructed of polished rose gold or silver anodized aluminum. Some wood selections for desk top or counter top plates holders are available. Plates are cut to fit the appropriate height and width and either slide into position or are attached with double sided tape.

Options: One or two lines of lettering are possible on the 1 1/2" and 2" name plate holders. Only one line is possible for any one inch holder.

Costs: Prices are based on the height and width of the name plate holder.

How to order: Select one of the categories below and you will be taken to the page displaying all of the selections possible.