Materials & Methods
What we do

Using a computerized engraver (for high repeatability), we rotary engrave cable tags, panel legends, push button legends and other message plaques and office signs in many sizes and colors.

How we do it

The products offered by Skyline Engraving are engraved plastic plates that are made of laminated plastic in two colors. When the surface or top laminate is rotary engraved away the core color or lower laminate then provides the color for the letters. Please see our "Materials & Methods" page for more information about the materials and colors that we use. Computerized engraving ensures uniform results and multiples can be repeated with a high degree of accuracy and quality.

Material Specifications

We use several different surfaces for the laminated plastics that are used for the rotary engraving method.

Some materials used for these products are suitable for indoor use only. They are indicated below.

Others are rated for indoor and especially outdoor use. They exhibit excellent weather ability that is typical of modified acrylic polymers.

Click on the images below to find further descriptions of the surfaces and colors we use.