Engraved Office Signs
About Custom Engraved Signs

Customs signs express a message that you may want customers or associates to be aware of. Sizes are available up to 5 inches high and 8 inches wide. Please see our materials and methods for available colors. You may want to inquire further to learn about additional colors.

Key Benefits: Permanent signs are attractive and informative.

Materials & Methods: The products offered by Skyline Engraving are rotary engraved plastic plates that are made of laminated plastic in two colors. When the surface or top laminate is rotary engraved away the core color or lower laminate then provides the color for the letters. In order to keep costs low, some of our products are only offered in certain colors and textures. Other products may be custom engraved on a wide variety of colors. Please see our Materials and Methods page.

Options: Click on the link below that directs you size of the product that you wish to purchase. Choose the size in square inches and number of lines to be engraved. You will be taken to that specific product page where you will have a opportunity to choose the exact dimensions of the custom sign, the color, the finish of the material and what to inscribe on your legends. Corner holes are drilled at no extra cost. Excellent tape adhesives can be applied at no extra cost. The number of lines that can be engraved vary according to the height of the legend that you select. A limit of 20 letters is requested per line. Use capital or small case letters as appropriate. We will make all lettering uniform or per special request.

Costs: Prices are listed with the product images and are based solely on the area and number of lines engraved. No set up fees.

How to order: Select your item on the product page. You will be diverted to a customization page for that product. Insure that the information there corresponds to the product you are ordering. In addition, the available options are offered. Choose among the options and then select "Customize & Add to Cart". On the checkout page enter any additional specifications you require and a contact phone or fax number.

If you have a large order then give us a call. We can arrange for transfer of the information you would like to be engraved and insure quality control.