Custom Dashboard Label Plates
About Dashboard Identification Plates

Applications: Dashboard Identification Plates for boats, trucks, cars and planes are placed on dashboards, instrument panels, and other compartments in order to identify actuators such as toggles, push buttons, and pull cables or storage compartments.

Key Benefits: Dashboard Identification Plates contribute to safer use of equipment. Control label plates help to insure proper use of actuators, toggles, push buttons and pull cables.

Materials & Methods: Dashboard control label plates are rotary engraved on a two-ply laminated plastic in the colors shown in the composite image shown to the right. The surface finish is matte and is heat and UV stable. When you select a product all of available options and specifications will appear as part of the description at checkout.

Options: Engraved plastic label plates measure 1" x3", 3/4" x 2" or 1/2" x 2". Four color combinations are available from stock as seen at the left. (Other color combinations are available for $0.50 more/plate. Please inquire through our "Contacts" page.) Double sided tape can be applied, upon request, as an adhesive to mount the identification legends at no extra cost. The color and adhesive can be selected at checkout.

Costs: Other color combinations are available for $0.50 more. Please inquire through our "Contacts" page.)

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